Me once again!

We now have two bids for Aussie Nash Hash 2021 - that's the one after our Exciting Extravaganza in case you didn't know!

Adelaide has come on board and is also making a bid.

Australia has been exporting lots of jobs & industries off shore over the last few years, so it is about time that Hash got up to speed & sent Nash Hash offshore as well

Fiji has put their hands up for the job of hosting the 2021 Aussie Nash Hash in Nadi in conjunction with a new regional Hash - the South Pacific Hash.

With great Government support, experience with running Interhash, it is a serious bid.

This is the link to Fiji’s bid.     
South Pacific Hash

Breaking News
Adelaide has put in a bid for the 2021 Aussie Nash Hash!!!
And they will be offering Early Bird - Back to Back special price Regos
They have a website which currently allows hashers to submit Pledges for Adelaide Nash Hash ’21 online before and during Croc Nash Hash. If they win the bid, after Croc Hash the Adelaide NH website will be significantly upgraded, including allowing full registration online.

Adelaide Nash Hash

Talk about getting in early, just got the word that
The Central Coast Hash House Harriers and Harriettes
are putting their hands up for 2023 Nash Hash
Just talk to Ballpoint or Patsy for more information.